I first picked up a camera while traveling for a year in 1991 and have been shooting full time since 2000,

mainly doing corporate work which grew out of a passion for portraiture and street photography.

In the last few years I’ve shot a lot more architectural photography which I also love. I’ve worked with a lot of law firms,

arts companies, financial and medical institutions, actors, architects, artists, students, schools and engineering firms .

I like the variety and mix of people & projects. I’ve also shot quite a lot of travel stock over the last few years.

Here are a couple of websites you might like to look at North Shore Radiology and Parliamentary Catering.

As part of my practice I try to shoot for some Pro Bono and Low Bono Projects when I can.


Portrait by Henry Schwartz

Portrait by Henry Schwartz

A final word on inspiration , for me it’s surfing and my family .

My wife keeps me grounded , my son reminds my how silly I am

and surfing calms me and simplifies everything


thanks for taking the time to look